An Outer-Space Space Broker, CASIS is a chameleon, simultaneously embodying the multiplicitous identities of a corporation: the space-broker, the public advocate, the pundit, the figure-head, the policy-maker, and the terrestrial link to the cosmos. The CASIS headquarters must likewise assume these identities, becoming a vessel to contain the heterogeneous manifestations of our latent notions and potential exploitation of space. This vessel contains an interior of potent places, each  autonomous from its adjacent programs and functions, in order to negotiate an interchange between the visionaries and the speculators, between the public and the private. Each enclave of space behaves as an interface between the the dreamers and the operators and their laboratories.In this machine of events and assemblage, the users move through a series of fictive places:

1. the Place of the Cubes (for display/storage)
2. the Place of the Spheres (for exhibitions)
3. the Place of the Pyramids (for performance)

Critic: Peter de Bretteville, Yale School of Architecture, 2012